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Rebune International Company Limited

Established in 1995, Rebune International Company primarily engages in manufacturing and marketing of a diversified range of products. Our factory is located in Feng Gang Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China. The company Head Office is in Hong Kong which provides the administration and central management for the Rebune brands, product development and global marketing support. Typical products built by the Company include professional beauty & hair products, home appliances, fashion jewelry & watches.

Rebune has branches strategically distributed in the countries namely: Turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, South Korea, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and we are in Kenya (Nairobi & Mombasa).

Mission Statement

Rebune International Company’s mission is to:
• Provide high-quality, affordable home appliances products.
• Create and cultivate long-term relationships with clients.
• Respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients.
• Achieve complete customer satisfaction.
• Improve our services continuously.


The vision at Rebune International Company, is of a highly trained and efficient team of Sales, Customer Service personnel and Information Technology Personnel, ready for anything that may occur and quick to respond to customer needs and concerns. We also aim to revolutionize the industry by offering lowest cost of products without compromising the quality.


At Rebune International Limited, there are several values which we hold in high regard, and we expect these values in every member of our team. These values are charity, honesty, fortitude, reliability, integrity, temperance, faith, confidence and hope. We believe that these values set us a step above the rest, and allow our team members to provide high quality services in a very professional and efficient manner.


At Rebune International, every person in our company is a member of the team and a team player, with the expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacity and potential. Our objective is a commitment to the highestquality sales and customer service. The client satisfaction is our main focus, reached through innovative and cost effective.


At Rebune International Limited, we take pride that our company was formed with one premise in mind, and that is to bring a degree of experience, dedication, and professionalism to the manufacturing and ecommerce industry that has long been missing. We aspire to be ahead of the competition when quality and performance are evaluated.

What makes us different?

Customer service, sales and production are real problems for the manufacturing & ecommerce industry, and our company aspires to raise these to new heights, requiring extremely strict training requirements and providing excellent and fast customer service and delivery of our products with no turnaround time.

Rebune International difference is in the details. We take the time to understand the business challenges that our clients are facing, and then we assist them in developing sales channel that works for their unique needs and fits in with their unique budget.

Rebune is an extremely innovative company that is always open to fresh ideas. We are always looking at new ways to improve our operations.

Your difference lies in our depth of knowledge. It can also be found in our exemplary customer service and follow up. It’s evident in our stringent product selection process and how we subsequently invest heavily in to our products production, originality, durability, safety, and maintenance.

Finally, the main difference is in our attitude. In every interaction with you, our single purpose is to forge a relationship exceeding all of your expectations.

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